Cora Cross is reluctant to leave baby Abi with Max and Rainie for the day, but she hands her over and visits Patrick, complaining to him about all that’s going on with her great granddaughter. Patrick thinks that Cora needs to get over what’s happened in the past and try to fix things between her and Rainie. Cora heads over to see Rainie and has a heart-to-heart, saying she wants them to make amends, but Max interrupts their conversation. However, it seems that Cora has an ulterior motive when she makes Rainie a very tempting offer… What could it be?

Mick is stunned when Linda reveals that Stuart tried to intimidate her. Furious with his old mate, he confronts Stuart and demands an explanation for his behaviour. Stuart apologises to Linda and insists that he was only making a joke. He brings Mick and Linda a peace offering but is it enough to win them over? Meanwhile, Tina gets back home and is surprised to see Stuart there.

Martin’s living situation is not getting any better and he’s getting close to reaching his limit. The Slater ladies try to make things up to him but there’s an unfortunate incident between Tiffany and Lily that infuriates Martin. He tells Stacey that the Slaters need to go!

** This episode may move to Wednesday due to World Cup fixtures **

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday 12 July at 7.30pm