EastEnders spoilers: Things are looking cosy between Jay and Ruby!

Jay and Ruby get close on another date, Mo involves Tommy in one of her scams, Mel is terrified about Hunter and Kathy returns to the Square.

Ruby wants to help repair the rift between Martin and Stacey. She invites them on a double date with her and Jay. After the date gets underway and all goes well, Martin is pleasantly surprised to see how well matched Ruby and Jay are.

Later, Ruby is flattered when Jay helps her win a new client for her events company. Are the pair now a couple?

EastEnders Mo Harris and Tommy Moon

Mo is up to her old tricks

Jean isn’t feeling well so Mo offers to take Tommy to school while Jean checks out her symptoms online. Instead of delivering Tommy to the school gates, however, Mo convinces Tommy to pretend to be ill for one of her money-making schemes!

Mo is in a panic when Tommy goes missing. Martin finds him wandering around and takes him home to a confused Kat and Stacey. When Mo finally gets back home, Kat and Stacey decide to teach Mo a lesson for losing Tommy!

Mel wakes up a groggy Hunter. Determined to keep an eye on him, she takes him shopping then for lunch at The Vic. With her concerns about Hunter’s behaviour growing, Mel hides all the knives in the house, worried that Hunter could come to harm.

EastEnders Kathy Beale and Masood Ahmed

Kathy returns and gets back together with Masood

Also, Masood is shocked when Kathy returns to Albert Square and tells him that she wants to make a go of things with him.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday