EastEnders spoilers: Dennis Rickman is in danger with the gang!

Keanu is concerned about Dennis' involvement with the gang, Rainie encourages Honey to make a decision, and Kat thinks about her future.

Dennis is on Keanu’s mind after the encounter with the gang and he checks in on him, knowing that Phil is away on business. When Keanu finds out from Sharon that Dennis is out, Keanu is concerned. With the gang still harassing Dennis, Keanu puts a stop to it and he tries to talk some sense into him at the Arches. But instead of listening to Keanu, he tries to take the rucksack for the gang. Keanu has some news for Dennis, which scares him. Later, Keanu finds the Arches has been broken into and sprayed with graffiti…

Max crushes Rainie's dreams

Rainie is daydreaming about having a cosy new family life with Max and baby Abi and she gets excited looking at magazines with Honey. On a high, Rainie tells Honey that everyone deserves a second chance. Will Honey reconsider Billy’s offer of moving in with him? Meanwhile, Rainie returns home to Max and is gutted when he crushes her hopes.

Kat’s chuffed when she makes some progress on memorising routes and wonders whether she might have what it takes to do the Knowledge. Meanwhile, Shirley hatches a plan to get Halfway and Whitney talking at The Vic but her plan to reunite them backfires. Will they ever make things up?