EastEnders spoilers: Dennis Rickman is terrified by a shock shooting in the Square!

A gun is brought into the Square, leaving Dennis shaken, while Jack plots to propose to Mel but there's about to be a serious threat to their happiness...

There’s panic at The Vic after the gunshot but who has been shot and who is responsible? An ambulance is called and the police arrive to investigate what’s happened. Dennis has heard the shot and after his recent dealings with the gang he is shaken.

He asks Sharon to sit with him, clearly terrified about what could be going on. Meanwhile, Keanu catches someone acting suspiciously beside the canal. Have they got anything to do with the shooting?

Jack asks Mel a question

Jack is all set to propose to Mel at the E20 but his declaration of love goes awry. Instead, he and Mel have a heart-to-heart, which soon makes them realise they’re on the same page.

Mel teases Jack, knowing that he was about to pop the question, encouraging him into saying what was on his mind. Jack nervously waits for Mel’s answer but trouble is headed their way when Mel’s ex husband Ray arrives!

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday