EastEnders spoilers: A terrified Dot Branning begs an old friend for help – Doctor Legg!

Dot turns to an old friend for help, Martin feels pressured into a difficult situation, and Jean and Kat are seriously concerned for Hayley's state of mind.

Dot is still really concerned for her health. After her chat with Jack, she’s grateful when he arranges for her to have a second opinion. However, Dot is still not convinced that the doctor is taking her seriously. Jack tries to reassure Dot but to no avail. Insistent that only someone old school will understand her, Dot visits an old friend she can trust – former Albert Square GP Doctor Legg.

Stacey and Martin go to make statements.

Stacey Fowler and Martin Fowler give statements to the police.

Stacey is concerned for Ruby when she doesn’t hear from her. But she realises that Ruby did go through with making a statement about the rape after the police phone.

Stacey is told that both she and Martin will have to go into the station to make a statement.

Under questioning, Martin feels pressured. Stacey is grateful to Martin for going through with it and she kisses him on the cheek. As she heads off to find Ruby, Martin bumps into Ross, who asks him for an update. What will Martin say?

Hayley is hungover but Jean demands she tell her the truth about who the baby’s father is. Upset by Jean’s questioning, Hayley says she needs some space.

In the Square, Hayley bumps into Keanu, who is horrified when he realises she’s drinking. He gives her a piece of his mind. Jean is worried when Hayley goes missing and Keanu reveals she said she was going ‘home’. Jean and Kat rush to the tower block where Hayley used to live. The flats are boarded up and abandoned but Jean and Kat are alarmed when they see a desperate Hayley sitting precariously on the edge of a balcony. Will they be able to save her?

Sharon breaks up with Keanu.

Sharon Mitchell ends her affair with Keanu Taylor.

Also, Keanu is gutted when Sharon ends things with him after the flurry of mystery threatening texts. When Louise finds an upset Sharon she resolves to cheer her up.

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