The ambulance arrives for Carmel after Kush panicked that she was trying to kill herself, distraught over the death of Shakil. Carmel managed to sort herself out in time and she assures the paramedics that she’s fine and tells Kush that it was a mistake.

Linda arranges a memorial for Shakil in the Square. Too distraught to contemplate it, Carmel refuses to go. Carmel busies herself with trying to fix one of Shakil’s shirts and ends up in the launderette. At the memorial, Linda starts a minute’s silence in Shakil’s memory. Carmel steels herself and bravely joins in.

Jean is thrilled that Kat is getting all ready to go to Spain. But Hayley knows exactly what happened in Spain and is sure that Kat is lying about going. Confronting Kat alone, Hayley decides to blackmail her. She tells Kat that unless she sorts her out with cash, she’ll tell Kat’s family everything.