EastEnders spoilers: Halfway gets shock news about Stuart

Stuart makes a stunning revelation when he comes round, Stacey tries to reassure a nervous Hayley, and Kush clashes with Carmel over Sophie.

Stuart is in a bad way in hospital following the shooting and the Carters anxiously wait for news. They’re relieved when the doctors decide to bring Stuart round, as they’re desperate for him to tell the police what really happened. Shirley is sure that Dylan’s to blame and hatches a plan to prove it.

Halfway and Zara are at Stuart’s bedside but when he comes round, Halfway can’t deal with it and leaves the room. He confesses to Whitney that although he’s glad his brother is okay, he still hates him for what he’s done. Zara interrupts, telling Halfway that Stuart wants to talk to him. Halfway is stunned when Stuart insists that Mick shot him…

Hayley helps Stacey do the laundry

Stacey’s had to take all the kids’ clothes to the launderette as they’ve picked up a bug. Hayley realises how much Stacey has to do for her kids and is terrified when the reality sinks in that it’s going to be hard work being a mum.

Stacey can sense Hayley’s worry and she tries to reassure her. Later, after bumping into Jack at the pharmacy while picking up medication for the kids, Stacey gets a cryptic text from an unknown number telling her to go to the E20…

Kush is furious that Sophie is still hanging around the Square and he tells her she needs to leave. When Carmel overhears she has a go at Kush, telling him it’s time that they all move on, especially now that Bruno has shown his remorse.

Kush is having none of it and gives Carmel an ultimatum. Carmel, however, is determined to help Sophie and goes with her to the council to find her somewhere to live.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday.