EastEnders spoilers: Hayley Slater’s mum Bev plots against her!

Hayley Slater's mum Bev undermines her, Max is furious when he finds out Rainie's been keeping a big secret, and Bernadette is suspicious of Keegan.

Hayley is very pleased with herself when she manages to settle her baby. But mum Bev soon sticks her oar in to make her feel inadequate. Keen to put Hayley off motherhood, Bev criticises everything she tries to do, leading Hayley to lash out.

Bev suggests that Hayley go out to get a bit of fresh air while she babysits. But as soon as she’s out of the house she takes a sneaky photo of the baby. With a plan in mind she gets on the phone. Walking in on Bev’s conversation, Hayley is horrified by what she hears… With Bev continuing to convince Hayley that she knows what’s best for the baby, what is Bev plotting?

Max is angry

Max Branning accuses Rainie Branning of ruining his custody chances.

Max and Rainie are horrified when they find out that Cora has given her solicitor a statement insisting that their marriage is fake. Cora has revealed that she knows Rainie slept with Jack! Max is absolutely furious, especially when he realises it might well be true and he confronts Jack.

Will Jack confess? Rainie knows she’s got herself in a real pickle and she tries to apologise, but a fuming Max insists she’s ruined his chance of getting baby Abi. Max plans to work out how Cora found out about Rainie and Jack and decides to deny everything. Later, Rainie has a run in with Cora in The Vic and when Cora delivers some harsh words, Rainie sees red…

Karen supports Keegan

Karen Taylor supports Keegan at his counseling session

Bernadette is concerned that something is up with Keegan as she’s clocked that he’s behaving strangely. She shares her worries with Tiffany but will the girls find out what’s really wrong? Meanwhile, Keegan reluctantly attends his first counselling session, with Karen there to support him while he talks things through.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday.