EastEnders spoilers: Hayley Slater makes a huge confession to a stunned Jean Walters!

Jean Walters finds Hayley Slater's hidden stash of money, Rainie makes a move on a surprised Max and Keegan turns on an upset Carmel

Hayley’s phone is ringing and with Hayley Slater not around, Jean goes to pick it up. When she finds some money stashed away, Jean jumps to the wrong conclusion. After confronting Hayley, Jean is horrified to hear that Hayley has been using Charlie’s taxi without a licence in a bid to make some quick money. Jean agrees not to tell the rest of the Slaters’ but makes Hayley promise that she won’t take the cab out again.

EastEnders - Rainie Branning Max Branning

Rainie has words with Max and tells him that they need to be a more convincing couple. She thinks Jack and Mel will soon get suspicious and realise their marriage is a sham. Rainie pops to the club to invite over Mel and Jack for a cosy dinner. Max is concerned that Rainie’s posh meal will seem too try hard. Awkward around Max and Rainie, Mel and Jack head off. When the fake couple are left on their own, Rainie kisses a stunned Max!

EastEnders Keegan Baker

Keegan has a run in with Carmel

Kush gently breaks the news to Carmel that it’s time for them to plan Shakil’s funeral and a meeting with Jay has been arranged. Involved in organising the first night of the youth club, Carmel doesn’t turn up for the meeting and Kush is concerned.

At the youth club, Bex, Louise and Bernadette are reluctant attendees and they’re left on edge when Carmel questions them about how things are going at school. When Carmel learns that Keegan has been struggling, she rushes out of the youth club, determined to check on him. Taken aback by Carmel’s appearance, Keegan tells her he’s got no interest in her sympathy. He insists that the youth club won’t bring back Shakil, it will only distract her from her grief – for now.

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