EastEnders spoilers: Hayley Slater makes a shock confession!

Hayley Slater has something to tell Jean, Kat gets a call from her son Tommy, Whitney is angry at Halfway and Hunter is forced to take a job!

There’s panic in the Slater household on the day of Hope’s Christening when no one can find the gown and Hayley and Jean desperately search for it. Meanwhile, Kat is feeling sad about her own kids and desperately missing them. Feeling guilty about being a godmother to Hope, Kat sneaks off. When Tommy secretly phones her without asking Alfie, Kat is pleased.

Hayley brings the christening dress to the church

Hayley’s found the Christening gown and rushes to get it to Jean. Kat is still missing and Stacey and Jean ask Hayley to take Kat’s place as godmother. Kat, however, is on her way. Will she make it to the church on time? Later, Jean finds an upset Hayley who confesses she doesn’t think she’ll make a good mum. Hayley tips a glass of booze down the sink and confesses to Jean that she’s pregnant!

Halfway is being off with Whitney and she’s confused as to why he’s being so distant. When she drops into the Vic to find him she’s shocked to discover that he’s moved out. Whitney tracks down Halfway and demands to know what he’s up to. She’s furious when she finds out what’s happened and wants to know why Halfway took Stuart’s side.

Mel is miffed when Jack decides to give her some parenting tips, saying Hunter should earn his own cash and not expect hand-outs. Mel, however, sees the wisdom in Jack’s words and talks to Hunter about getting a job. Hunter is having none of it and instead distracts Billy when he’s cashing up so he can pinch some money. Hunter lies to Mel that he’s job hunting but is soon rumbled. When Ian tries to impress Mel by offering Hunter a job at the restaurant, a reluctant Hunter is forced to accept the job!

Also, Billy tries to get Jay a date.