EastEnders spoilers: Hayley Slater plots to do a runner!

Hayley is desperate for her secret not to come out, Carmel and Kush have new heartache, Billy keeps Adam at arm's length, and Martin and Stacey are at odds.

Hayley is increasingly concerned as her due date looms that the truth about Alfie being her babyfather will come to light. Desperate for the rest of the family to remain in the dark, Hayley plots to leave Walford as soon as possible. She calls a mother and baby hostel but she’s disappointed to learn that she can only move in after her baby is born. Hayley enlists Mariam’s help to sort things out but she doesn’t get any further. Later, Karen gives Hayley some advice and unwittingly gives her an idea…

Carmel and Kush see the graffiti

Carmel Kazemi and Kush Kazemi are shocked to see Shakhil’s poster has been defaced with graffiti. (Picture: BBC)

Carmel and Kush are devastated that Shakil’s poster has been defaced. It prompts Carmel into making a major life decision. Keegan finds out about the poster and is furious. Straight away he confronts Carmel but he’s left angry when she won’t do anything about it. Keegan decides to take justice into his own hands. He finds the person responsible on social media and winds them up. Bent on revenge, he agrees to go trick-or-treating with the Taylors. But he’s got something else in mind…

Billy is looking forward to a night with Honey and the kids at Jack’s house for Halloween. But when Adam turns up, Billy is disappointed. Not wanting to spend an evening with the two lovebirds he encourages Honey and Adam to go out. Billy insists he’ll look after the kids on his own.

Martin and Stacey argue

Martin’s plans for a night-in with Stacey are ruined by Ruby. (Picture: BBC)

Also, Martin plans a night out with Stacey but Ruby interrupts, encouraging Martin to go out alone so she can have some girl time with Stacey.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Tuesday.