EastEnders spoilers: Will Kat Moon find out what Hayley’s done with her baby?

Kat Moon backs Hayley into a corner over her missing baby, Rainie and Max lose it with Cora, and Mel relishes choosing her engagement ring.

Kat and the Slater clan confront Hayley’s mum Bev and demand to know where Hayley is. In a bid to get rid of Kat, Bev insists that she hasn’t seen her daughter.

Hayley’s grateful to her mum for covering for her but she’s struggling with her decision to leave her baby at the Ahmeds’. Bev insists to Hayley that it’s for the best.

Meanwhile, Mariam and Arshad have taken in the baby but Arshad is alarmed when he realises that Mariam hasn’t called social services. Mariam is forced to confess that the little girl is Hayley’s. Mariam convinces Arshad to hold off calling in the council in the hope that Hayley will come round.

Later, a guilty Hayley returns but before she can visit the Ahmeds’, she’s confronted by Kat, who demands to know where the baby is. Kat is furious when Hayley refuses to tell her, prompting Hayley to flee the Square and return to her mum.

Max and Rainie argue with Ian and Cora

Max and Rainie Branning argue with Ian and Cora.

Rainie and Max are feeling hopeful when they find out that they’ve been given a date for the custody hearing. When they see Cora going into Ian’s, however, they are concerned.

Max and Rainie barge in, demanding to know what Cora and Ian are talking about. Things quickly grow heated. Will this latest turn of events put Max’s custody chances in jeopardy?

Ray and Mel are looking at rings

Ray Kelly and Mel Owen look at engagement rings.

Also, Mel picks out a whopper of a diamond for her engagement ring, while Linda agrees to talk to Stuart, who later sends her a thank you message…

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