EastEnders spoilers: Hayley Slater courts trouble when she illegally takes out the black cab!

Hayley Slater picks up an illegal fare, Tina Carter realises that Stuart Highway has been playing her, and the Taylor family help Kandice Taylor.

Mo has helped get Hayley back on the road, so Hayley takes out Charlie’s cab to earn some money on the side. She ends up picking up a drunk punter that Stuart has chased out of the pub. Hayley and her punter end up sharing their troubles at home and Hayley confesses that she’s pregnant. Feeling good about their chat, Hayley decides not to charge him a fare. But when he gets out of the taxi he takes a snap of the licence plate. What is he up to?

Sonia approaches Tina again and asks if she’s told her family about what happened to her. She’s shocked to learn that Stuart has already talked to the Carters. Mick teams up with Stuart to try and track down the person who was responsible. Tina, however, is feeling confused. She’s not sure if Stuart is just trying to manipulate her into believing he’s innocent. When she witnesses Stuart having a go at a drunken punter, she is left rattled. Later, her fears are confirmed… Tina attempts to tell Mick that Stuart is the real culprit when when Stuart calls her bluff she ends up getting drunk alone in the club.

Kandice bribes the Taylors

The Taylors have agreed to help Kandice with her charity event problem. They enlist Tiffany’s help to sort things out. Will it work?