EastEnders Spoilers: Hayley Slater is about to cause BIG trouble for Mick Carter

Hayley and Stuart team up to wind up Mick, Shakil is giving an exciting offer, Sonia’s left upset when Martin turns her down

Mick and Halfway rock up to find Stuart at one of his old haunts, for a reminisce and a drinking session. As the lads get merry, Halfway is looking uneasy and he soon confesses to his brother that he’s been lying… But what does he mean? Stuart is taken aback and tells Halfway that he should get out of the Vic before the Carters find out. Mick suggests they take things back to the Square.

Hayley is having a bad time and she sneaks round to Stacey’s after watching Stacey and Kat leave, knowing that Jean will share a few home comforts. When Kat and Stacey get back and discover that Jean’s had Hayley in the house, they are furious, turning down Jean’s suggestion that they let Hayley move in.

Hayley heads to The Vic, where she finds Stuart, who encourages her to join him, Halfway and Mick for a drink. Mick is concerned that things are getting out of hand and calls it a night. But then Halfway makes a confession… Later, Stuart plays a dangerous game when he encourages Hayley to get into bed with a sleeping Mick to wind up Linda when she returns home.

Also, Shakil’s teacher thinks he should apply for a summer music camp, and Sonia potentially loses out a date night with Martin to her rival – but this time it’s not Stacey that Martin’s after, it’s Hayley!