EastEnders spoilers: Honey Mitchell leaves Billy crushed as she meets with Adam!

Honey defies Billy's pleas to go on a date with Adam, meanwhile, there are creepy goings on at the Vic and Halfway thinks he knows who's to blame...

Honey Mitchell has been in two minds about whether to go on another date with Adam. When Kim encourages her to go for it, however, she decides to accept Adam’s offer. Just as she’s about to go out, Billy has a sudden meltdown and begs her not to see Adam. When Will and Janet find their parents arguing, they’re upset.

Billy is upset

Billy realises that he’s gone too far and it’s none of his business. He tells Honey she should go and she heads out on her date, leaving a heartbroken Billy at home with the kids. Is this the start of something more for Honey and Adam? With Billy living in the same house as Honey and the children it’s bound to make things super awkward!

Halfway visits Stuart

Whitney and the Carter family are on edge when a serious of strange things happen at the Queen Vic. Convinced that stalker Stuart must be behind it they lay the blame on him. Halfway is also prepared to believe that his brother has been up to his old tricks again and he heads off to his flat to confront him. What will Stuart say? Will Stuart tell Halfway the truth?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday