EastEnders spoilers: Is it all over for Honey Mitchell and Adam?

Honey struggles when she thinks she and Adam are mismatched, Bernadette tells Tiffany a few home truths, and Mel makes a shock proposition.

Billy is jealous when he spots Adam giving Honey Mitchell a book he’s brought back home from his trip. Mel is fed up with Billy’s moping around and tells him to let it go or end up getting his heart broken.

When Billy later finds a harassed Honey looking stuff up on the laptop, he wants to know what the matter is. Honey confesses that Adam gave her a book about art – but she knows nothing about art and is worried that Adam will think she’s thick! Billy does his best to reassure Honey and she makes a big decision…

Tiffany also gets a touch of the green-eyed monster when she sees Jagger talking to Louise. Bernadette watchers the exchange and Dennis takes it upon himself to tell Bernadette what Jagger gets up to. Bernadette does her best to pass on a few home truths about Jagger to Tiffany, but will she listen? Later, Jagger stands up a distraught Tiff, who begins to worry that Bernadette is right…

Mel makes a romantic dinner for Ray

Mel Owen makes a romantic dinner for Ray.

Mel is reeling from the discovery she made. Concerned, she tells Ray to stay away from her. But she can’t resist him for long and she invites him over for dinner. Ray is stunned when Mel makes a shock proposition… What will he say?

Also, Kush warns Martin not to get over involved in the Ruby situation.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday