EastEnders spoilers: Hunter Owen does a deal with Ian Beale

Hunter Owen has something to keep Ian sweet, Tina finds someone to back up her story about Stuart, Jay is taken with their new flatmate Jessica.

Hunter calls in sick but Ian spots him out and about and realises he was lying. Ian frog marches Hunter to Mel.  Hunter makes Ian an offer that is too good for him to refuse. What has Hunter got up his sleeve?

Tina is relieved that she might be believed about Stuart when Mick’s old mate Dylan visits. He reveals that Stuart did the same thing to him and he’s reported it to the police. Halfway still doesn’t know whether to believe Stuart or Tina. He pays Tina a visit to talk things through. She tries to convince him to believe what she’s saying and move back into the Vic.

Jean thinks that the father of Hayley’s baby needs to know that he’s going to be a dad but Hayley reveals that the dad thinks she had a termination. Jean insists that once he’s got over the initial shock he’ll feel differently about her having their baby. Hayley’s not convinced but Jean takes matters into her own hands…

Jay and Jessica are getting on

Jay is quite taken with their new flatmate Jessica. But he’s reluctant to tell her that he’s on the sex offender’s register, sure that it will make her move out. However, Billy gets suspicious when Jessica goes to meet a ‘mate’ from the Square. What is Jessica up to?