EastEnders spoilers: Hunter gets on the wrong side of Phil

Hunter has a close encounter with Phil, Kat has a big question for Hayley and Kathy makes an announcement to a shocked Ian.

Mel wants Hunter to stay put in the house. Meanwhile, she calls Phil to find out where her money for the club is but she can’t get hold of him. Phil finally turns up at her house but Hunter is in a difficult mood. He antagonises Phil into leaving.

Hunter notices all the knives in the house are missing. Mel is forced to reveal that she was worried for his safety. Realising that his mum is really suffering, Hunter agrees that leaving Walford would be the best thing for both of them. But is he playing games?

Kat is still angry with Mo for losing Tommy the day before. But there’s even more tension between the two when Mo gets worried that Kat is getting far too attached to Cherry. After noticing Kat referring to Cherry as one of her own children, Mo points out to Kat that she can’t manage all the kids on her own.

Kat realises that Mo has a point and she vows to visit Hayley. Kat discovers that Hayley’s been making good progress. She does her best to persuade her to come home and look after baby Cherry.

EastEnders Kathy Beale and Ian Beale

Kathy has something to tell Ian

Also, Ian is shocked when Kathy blurts out to him that she’s now an item with his arch-rival Masood!

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday