EastEnders spoilers: Ian Beale loses it with Masood over kissing Kathy!

Ian feels betrayed by Masood and Kathy, Patrick is suspicious that Ted is up to something, Honey gets a hot date, and Tiffany gets in deeper with the gang.

Ian Beale feels completely betrayed by his mum and Masood after the restaurant launch debacle – and catching the pair of them kissing! Determined to get revenge on Masood, Ian resorts to drastic measures to teach his business partner a lesson.

When Ian later signs for a delivery for Kathy, he reads the note inside and comes to the wrong conclusion. Thinking that Kathy’s betrayal has gone too far he makes a big decision. He packs Kathy’s bags for her and prepares to throw her out! Can Kathy talk him round?

Ted continues with his plans to go abroad and wanting to make sure his friends are fine, he sets up a tab in The Vic for Patrick and The Taylors. Bernadette is touched when Ted gives her a wad of cash. But is Ted planning to make his trip abroad permanent? When Patrick finds out what Ted’s been up to, he is suspicious. He confronts Ted about his plans. Will Ted tell his friend the truth?

Honey meets Adam the dentist

Honey needs to see a dentist and she gets a recommendation from Arshad. When she turns up for the appointment, not only is the dentist Adam kind and sympathetic, he’s also very sexy! Honey is delighted when the dentist later texts her and asks her on a date!

Also, Kush apologises to Kim for revealing her pregnancy. Tiff is smitten with Jagger but is he deliberately leading her on?