EastEnders spoilers: Jack Branning confronts Mel Owen about her sneaky rendezvous!

Mel explains to Jack why she was round at Ian's house for dinner, Kim thinks she might be pregnant, and Sonia catches Martin with Stacey!

Jack is stunned when he overhears Ian bragging to Kathy that he had a hot date with Mel. Determined to find out what’s going on, Jack heads to the club to confront her. Mel is soon to reassure Jack that she’s not interested in Ian… There was a robbery at the club and she needs to replace the money.

Jack offers to do some detective work and is thoughtful when Billy says it looks like an inside job. Woody suggests that a bottle left on the bar may have been drunk by the culprit. Will Jack get to the truth?

Denise agrees that Kim needs to accept that Vincent has gone for good but she tells Kim that she shouldn’t burn all of Vincent’s clothes as most of them are probably worth something. Kim gives Donna the clothes, who agrees to sell them to another market. Kim is feeling queasy and thinks it’s the smell of Vincent’s aftershave. But Denise suspects that there’s something else going on when Kim heaves over her coffee. She convinces Kim to take a pregnancy test!

Martin and Sonia return to Dot’s to pick up where they left off. This time they are caught by Sonia, who does her best to hide her upset. Sonia claims that if Martin sneaks around with Stacey it will just confuse Bex. Martin explains that he and Stacey want time together to do things right this time.

Also, in the wake of Shakil’s death, Carmel is determined to make sure that he hasn’t lost his life for nothing and she’s on a mission to get knives off the streets.