EastEnders spoilers: Three’s a crowd when Jack interrupts Ian and Mel Owen

Ian must have missed the memo that Mel and Jack are now a couple, and despite his mum Kathy's warnings, is setting himself up for heartbreak...

The opening of Ian and Masood’s new restaurant isn’t exactly a sell-out success. Let’s hope business gets better. But much to Kathy’s annoyance, son Ian only has eyes for his ex-fiancee Mel Owen. The pair find themselves having a heart-to-heart about Ian’s murdered daughter, Lucy. But just as Ian is beginning to wonder of the moment could lead to something more, Mel’s fella Jack arrives to crash their private party.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of events at the Slater house, Jean is shocked by Kat and Mo’s behaviour since they got the wrong idea about Jean’s hubby, Ollie. But is it too late? Have Kat and Mo’s actions jeopardized Jean and Ollie’s marriage?

After their big fall-out, Bernadette admits to best friend Tiff, she is in a right old muddle about her feelings. Luckily for Bernadette, rather than running a mile, Tiff is super-supportive and the gal pals soon realise it’s not worth throwing away their friendship over just one kiss. But what does this all mean for Bernadette now she feels she’s attracted to girls? Is there anyone else in the Square she can crush on who isn’t her best friend?

EastEnders continues this Monday at 9:10pm and Friday at 8:00pm/9:00pm on BBC 1. Times vary due to World Cup coverage.