EastEnders spoilers: Jack Branning gives Mel Owen an ultimatum!

Jack Branning makes things clear to Mel, Keanu has another run in with the gang, and Rainie plots to have Max to herself.

Mel feels bad after cutting her lunch date with Jack short because she got freaked out by Amy’s questions. She approaches Jack to apologise and tries to make amends, but only ends up digging herself into an even bigger hole! Mel tries again a bit later but Jack has a warning for her. He insists that if their relationship is going to go anywhere she must accept that his kids come first…

Keanu is horrified about losing his temper with Hayley and he tries to talk to Karen about it. She’s concerned about how upset her son is, but is there something else troubling her? Wanting to make things up to Hayley, Keanu skips work and apologises. Hayley is supportive and sets Keanu’s mind at rest. Later, Keanu heads out to get dinner for the family and he sees two of the gang members making trouble. Keanu follows one of the lads, Cody, and sees him trying to break into the Arches. Things get heated and Hayley spots what’s going on. Will she intervene?

Max is smug after setting up a date with the dating site. Rainie finds it tough to hide her jealousy and plots to find a way to ruin Max’s date. But it backfires!

Bernadette talks to Ted

Also, Bernadette checks on Ted and encourages him to follow Joyce’s wishes, and he later finds another note from Joyce.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday.