EastEnders spoilers: Can Jack Branning save Mel?

Mel puts Jack in a tricky position with the police, Shirley tries to lift Jean's mood, and Evie has some harsh words for Tiffany and the gang.

Jack is concerned when he sees the police taking Mel in for questioning. When he tries to find out what’s going on, a rattled Hunter tells him to back off. In the police station, Mel struggles to keep her cool as the police interrogate her.

In a bid to give herself an alibi, she lies she was with Jack on the night of the wedding. Jack is approached by the police who want to corroborate Mel’s alibi. Will he lie for Mel? When Mel returns to the Square, Jack confronts her. Backed into a corner, Mel finally confesses everything. A stunned Jack tells Mel to tell the police everything. But a terrified Mel begs Jack to help her and Hunter do a runner. Will he agree?

Jean struggles to hide how shaken she is after her visit to the doctor but she doesn’t feel up to sharing the news with anyone. Shirley soon clocks that Jean’s not feeling in the best of moods. In a bid to cheer her up, Shirley tricks Jean into gatecrashing a hen party at the E20.

Babysitting Cherry, Jean ends up turning up to the club with the baby! She’s upset that Shirley has played a trick on her but she tries to get into the mood. When things get too much for Jean, she snaps at Shirley and storms off. Shirley finds Jean in bits outside and Shirley realises she’s hiding something. Will Jean tell her the truth?

Tiffany is chuffed that she’s made so much money doing jobs for Evie. Gloating to the other gang members about her cash, Tiffany’s bubble is soon burst when Evie turns on Vix for not earning enough and tells her to get out – for good.

Also, Kathy agrees to go to Australia for Tamwar and Nancy’s wedding but is shocked by his next suggestion… Meanwhile, Bailey hurts her shoulder during a kickabout with the lads.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday.