EastEnders spoilers: Karen Taylor tells Sharon Mitchell to keep off her son!

Karen is worried for Keanu's safety after he makes a confession, Dot's concerned about Dr Legg's health, and Hayley makes a big decision about her family.

Sharon is touched when Keanu leaves her a belated birthday card. Meanwhile, Karen Taylor is on the warpath after seeing Keanu and Sharon in a clinch! When Keanu admits that he’s having an affair with Sharon, Karen is horrified, especially when he confesses that someone knows about it.

Terrified for Keanu’s safety if Phil finds out, Karen angrily confronts Sharon and insists that she end it with Keanu. Will Sharon listen to Karen’s pleas? Meanwhile, Keanu is chatting to Jay when a thought strikes him… He thinks he knows who the blackmailer is…

Dr Legg sees the oncologist with Dot

Dot Branning supports Dr Legg when he visits the oncologist.

Dot finds out that Dr Legg has gone to hospital and she panics that he’s taken a turn for the worse. Desperate to get to the hospital, she’s grateful when Karen makes a reluctant Keanu take her there. At the hospital, Dot is relieved when she finds out that Dr Legg is there for a routine appointment. But she’s stunned when, after seeing the doc, Dr Legg tells Dot that he wants to make the most of the time that he’s got left. He’s giving up any further treatment.

Hayley at the Ahmeds'

Hayley Slater is staying with the Ahmeds.

Hayley is staying with the Ahmeds after her bust up with Kat. Jean is beside herself that Hayley is gone and insists that Kat makes things up to her. When Kat visits Hayley at the Ahmeds’ she’s surprised to see her playing happily with Harley. Hayley is touched by Harley’s mother Chloe’s determination to be a good mum and she decides to return home to the Slaters.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday.