EastEnders spoilers: What has Kat Moon just admitted to a shocked Alfie?

Alfie is left horrified by Kat's confession, Stacey helps Ruby deal with her abuse, and Ian realises he needs to grovel to Jean!

Alfie’s words seem to have worked a charm on Hayley. She returns home with baby Cherry, much to Kat’s delight. A cheeful Kat later ropes Alfie into helping her drum up some business for Mo’s Christmas stall. But things take a dark turn when the elderly man that Kat ran over on her moped turns up. A rattled Kat makes a hasty exit.

When Alfie finds out what happened, he searches for Kat and it’s not long before he discovers her in The Vic. As Alfie attempts to comfort an upset Kat, she blurts out what Maurice told her that left her so distraught. Alfie is stunned.

EastEnders Ruby reveals her online abuse

Ruby tells Stacey about the online abuse

Stacey is with an anxious Ruby, who shows her some online abuse she’s received over her case. Stacey is horrified by what she reads and she promises Ruby that she’ll help her deal with it… In a very Stacey way!

Ian’s stint as choirmaster in the wake of Morag’s departure is not quite all it was cracked up to be. The choir is soon in complete chaos and Ian realises it’s too hot for him to handle! Tracking down Jean, Ian begs her to take over, insisting that she’s the right person to lead the choir to success. Will she accept his apology?

EastEnders Louise and Keanu in a car

Louise has a driving lesson with Keanu

Also, Louise has another driving lesson with Keanu but things don’t quite go to plan. And there’s a wonderful and welcome surprise for the Carters… Guess who’s back in the Square?!

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday.