EastEnders spoilers: Kat and Mo Slater confront Jean’s hubby Ollie

Things get out of hand at the Slater house when Kat and Mo suspect Jean's husband Ollie has been hitting her. Could this be the end for Jean's marriage?

After discovering that Jean is reluctant to return home to her hubby Ollie in Brighton, Kat and Mo are alarmed when they suspect Ollie has been hitting her and plan to confront Ollie. Kat contacts Ollie and invites him to the Square for lunch. But when the women confront Ollie at the Slater house, things get out of hand when they lose their tempers with Ollie…

Will Kat and Mo’s actions jeopardise Jean and Ollie’s marriage?

Meanwhile it is the moment of truth as Ian and Masood’s new restaurant opens for business. Let’s hope the Beale family curse doesn’t strike again, and this restaurant doesn’t go up in flames! Ian’s mum Kathy is worried though, as Ian seems to have his head in the clouds and thinks he still has a chance of getting back together with his ex-fiancee Mel even though she is now loved-up with Jack. Oh Ian, somehow we think this is all going to end in heartbreak!

Elsewhere in the Square, Bernadette and Tiff have a game of chess and a heart-to-heart over what’s happening in their friendship. But when Tiff reveals she knows Bernadette fancies her after their kiss at the club, Bernadette gets angry and sends Tiff packing!

Will Bernadette’s confused feelings mean the end for her friendship with Tiff? First episode of the evening.

EastEnders continues this Monday at 9:10pm and Friday at 8:00pm/9:00pm on BBC 1. Times vary due to World Cup coverage.