EastEnders spoilers: Kat Moon make a shock discovery about her past

Kat's meeting with an old friend of Charlie's has horrifying consequences, Ruby is forced to confront her attack and Mel asks for Jack's help.

Kat is struggling learning the Knowledge and decides to visit Charlie’s old cabbie tea hut to give herself some encouragement. When she arrives she finds an ex-cabbie Tony but they get off on the wrong foot. After Tony finds out that Kat is Charlie’s daughter, however, they make amends and reminisce about Charlie.

After heading to one of Charlie’s old haunts, they bump into an old mate of Charlie’s called Maurice. Kat is suspicious of Maurice’s shifty attitude and when they’re left alone she confronts him. When Maurice drops a huge bombshell she’s left stunned… Shaken up, Kat flees the pub on her moped but when she drives onto the Square she runs into an elderly man, falls off her moped, and is left unconscious…

EastEnders Ruby Allen

Ruby Allen sees online comments doubting her story

Ruby is informed that both Ross and Matt have been charged with her assault and she passes the news onto Martin. He’s conflicted but he swallows his discomfort and is supportive. Later, Ruby sees the front page of the Walford Gazette, which has her case splashed all over it. Although she isn’t named in the article, she’s horrified and rushes home. With the story also on the paper’s website, Ruby is disturbed to see comments doubting her side of the story.

EastEnders Mel Owen Jack Branning

Mel asks Jack for his opinion.

Hunter is still smarting about Ray’s absence and he takes his mood out on Mel. She’s got other matters on her mind, however, meeting up with the jeweller Lou to look at the glass replica of her ring. Asking Jack to meet her later, she wants him to help her out on something. Later, Mel gets in contact with Ray’s other wife Maddie, pretending that she wants to book personal training sessions with her.

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