EastEnders spoilers: Kat Moon makes Hayley Slater a tempting offer

Kat Moon encourages Hayley to stick around when they do a good job cleaning Ian's restaurant, and Stacey is furious with Martin for agreeing to Jean's plan.

Kat is grateful that Hayley stayed behind at Ian’s restaurant to help her do the cleaning job. The pair have been forced to clean through the night to get the job done. Kat and Hayley wake up in the restaurant after nodding off, exhausted, just as Ian arrives to inspect their work.

EastEnders Hayley Slater Ian Beale

Ian inspects the Slaters’ work

After a close call, the pair return home feeling buoyed by their efforts. After bonding with Hayley, Kat cheerfully suggests that they learn the Knowledge together and encourages Hayley to stick around. Hayley is still hiding her baby secret. Will she be tempted by Kat’s offer or forced to turn her down?

Also, Stacey discovers that Martin has agreed to have a christening for Hope after being won round by Jean. She’s annoyed that he didn’t consult her first. Will she hear him out?