EastEnders spoilers: Has Kat Moon discovered Hayley Slater’s baby secret?

Hayley Slater panics that Kat's found out about her baby, Dennis is lured in by a gang, and Mick is furious to discover that Stuart's broken into his home.

Kat is feeling on edge and she corners Hayley, demanding to know if Alfie’s been in touch with her. Given her secret, Hayley is alarmed by Kat’s question. When Kat reveals she just wants to speak to the twins on their birthday, Hayley covers her fright and agrees to help. She then secretly phones Alfie with an ultimatum. Later, Jean asks Hayley what she’s done to upset Kat, making Hayley jumpy. She’s convinced that Kat knows the truth and she begs Jean to get her stuff for her… She’s leaving!

EastEnders Dennis Mitchell

Jagger is going to sell Dennis a phone for a favour.

Phil palms Dennis off on Keanu at the Arches, but Keanu is too busy to baby sit and tells Dennis to go to the cafe. A bored Dennis ends  up in McKlunky’s instead and he’s approached by a gang of boys. When they offer him a cheap phone, he agrees to do a favour for them when they offer him cash. Meanwhile, Keanu is worried about Dennis’s long absence and calls Sharon. Later, Keanu finds a rucksack hidden in the Arches. But what’s inside?

The Carters find a mysterious note and they are rattled until Halfway recognises the handwriting as Stuart’s. When Mick realises that Stuart’s been in his home he is furious. He wants to confront him but Shirley and Linda stop him doing anything rash. Mick wants to tell Tina about what’s happened but he knows that it’ll shake her up too much. Instead, he suggests that they all take a mini-break to Southend instead. Home alone, Shirley arranges with Halfway to meet up with Stuart…

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