EastEnders Spoilers: Why is Kat Moon being so nice to Hayley Slater?

Jean is suspicious when Kat is helpful to Hayley for once. Meanwhile, the Square reels from Keegan’s stabbing and Masood has a realisation.

Hayley heads back to the Slater house in the morning as she wants to try and get some proper . When Kat tries to answer a sleeping Hayley’s phone, Hayley gets to it first. She later tells the family that she’s got a date with her new man and she borrows some of Stacey’s clothes. Jean is suspicious when Kat is surprisingly helpful, suspecting Kat’s planning a prank on Hayley. What is Kat up to?

Albert Square is in shock after learning about the stabbing the previous evening. But it seems things are even worse than they first imagined, as Shakil is still missing. The residents get together with the police in an attempt to find track him down. Is Shakil still alive?

Masood heads over to Ian’s to talk to him and he tells Ian that he doesn’t want to be his business partner any more. Ian and Kathy are surprised and Masood explains to Kathy his reasoning. But he soon forgets his business woes when he learns that Shakil is missing and he makes a gut-wrenching realisation… What has he remembered?