EastEnders spoilers: Kat Moon learns some horrifying news!

Kat and Mo are left in shock after a visit from the police, Keegan sees an opportunity to fleece Phil, and Karen bonds with Bailey.

Mo is hopping mad when the bailiffs turn up and start emptying the house of more of its contents. But there’s much worse to come when the police arrive on the Slaters’ doorstep. Kat and Mo are stunned when the police break some shocking news… What could it be?

EastEnders Phil Mitchell Keegan Baker

Keegan and Phil make a deal

Keegan is given a bittersweet reminder of Shakil and it leaves him shaken as it stirs up his buried grief and trauma. He struggles to control his emotions and decides to turn to drugs yet again, thinking it’s the only solution to his problems.

When he can’t get any cash out of Karen, Keegan storms out. But he soon bumps into Phil, who has a request, asking him to give Keanu and Louise his blessing. Keegan spies an opportunity to get his drug money after all and he agrees, as long as Phil gives him some cash.

Meanwhile, Mitch sweet talks Karen into looking after Bailey again. Karen ends up enjoying herself and she helps Bailey to overcome her fear of dogs. Mitch is touched when he returns home to find Bailey performing magic tricks with the dog.

EastEnders Denise Fox

Denise tells Patrick she’s lost her job

Also, Denise confesses to a sympathetic Patrick that she’s lost her job and he tries to cheer her up.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 later tonight.