EastEnders spoilers: Kat Moon is stunned when she meets up with Alfie!

Kat gets an unwelcome surprise at a surprise meeting, Rainie feels guilty that she's ruined things yet again, and Ruby feels pushed out.

In today’s special double episode, Hayley is finding it difficult to deflect the questions about who fathered her baby. Jean steps in to protect Hayley from making a slip up. After seeing Hayley with the baby, Kat gets nostalgic and she makes a call.

But she’s later shocked when Alfie video calls her, asking for a favour! The social worker arrives to talk things through with Hayley and Kat ignores Alfie’s calls so she can be there for Hayley. Later, Kat gets back to Alfie and arranges to meet him. Expecting to see her kids, she’s gutted when he’s alone and he says the boys are still in Spain. An upset Kat makes a big decision…

Rainie speaks to the police

Rainie Branning gets a visit from the police.

Rainie is in hospital following the fight with Cora. When she finds out that baby Abi is now with social services, she’s upset, realising that she’s messed things up yet again. Max insists that Rainie press charges against Cora and Rainie agrees.

When Ian visits Rainie in hospital he reveals how appalled he was by Cora’s actions and he won’t be supporting Cora’s custody application any longer. Max is relieved that Ian’s pulled out of his support for Cora but he’s still furious with Rainie. Will Rainie make a good job of her statement to the police? Meanwhile, Martin’s had enough of having Max in the house and tells Stacey that he needs to go.

Martin is getting claustrophobic in the overcrowded house and Ruby thinks she’s outstayed her welcome. Stacey does her best to convince Ruby that they’re happy to let her stay, but she thinks it’s time to move on.

Later, Stacey manages to pull in a favour from Jack and she tells Ruby that she’s secured her one of Jack’s flat. Ruby can stay in the Square!

Tiffany and Evie have lunch

Tiffany Butcher has lunch with her new friend Evie.

Also, Tiffany goes shopping with her new friend Evie and is impressed by her, until she learns who she really is. Meanwhile, Dot and Doctor Legg take a trip down memory lane.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday