EastEnders spoilers: Kat Moon shares her shock news with Linda Carter

Kat Moon share her woes with Linda as Alfie makes a revelation, Linda stands by her decision to support Stuart, and Ruby learns disturbing information.

Alfie is back in Spain and Kat Moon phones him, wanting to talk about what happened last week. Kat begs him to let her see her children but when Alfie makes a confession, Kat is left stunned.

Broken-hearted, instead of doing her cleaning shift in The Vic, she drowns her sorrows by helping herself to the bar. When Linda walks in and finds Kat she’s furious. But seeing how upset Kat is, she takes pity on her. Linda and Kat have a heart-to-heart and a kindly Linda asks Kat to help behind the bar. Stuart is fuming…

Meanwhile, Tina, Whitney and Halfway have been pressuring Linda into visiting Mick in prison. Insisting that Stuart is manipulating her, they beg her to see through his lies. Linda, however, refuses to backtrack on her decision. When Tina tries to give Linda her wedding ring back, Linda insists she doesn’t want it.

With Linda asking Stuart to stay in the Vic, Whitney takes desperate measures and stands up for Mick in front the punters. Stuart tells Linda there’s still hope for her and Mick but does Linda agree?

EastEnders Ruby Allen talks to DC Maxine Phillips

Ruby is stunned when DC Phillips reveals there’s been new evidence in her case.

Ruby collects the keys for her new flat from Jack and is in a chipper mood. But things soon turn sour when DC Phillips, her SOIT officer in her case turns up to give her an update. She reveals that they have a photo of her kissing Matt, which could jeopardise her claim. Ruby is gutted and when Martin finds her upset he tries to comfort her but he struggles to hide his guilt.

EastEnders Bex Fowler talks to Louise Mitchell about booking Keanu Taylor for driving lessons

Bex suggests to Louise that she ask Keanu to teach her to drive.

Also, Bex thinks Louise should ask Keanu to give her driving lessons. Louise isn’t impressed with Bex’s suggestion and soon shuts down the idea!

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