EastEnders spoilers: Kat Moon desperately searches for missing Hayley!

Kat searches for a missing Hayley and the baby, Carmel is desperate to save Keegan from a big mistake, and Billy looks a fool in front of Adam!

Hayley has given birth alone and she is exhausted and vulnerable. She desperately calls out for help. But as the baby starts to cry Hayley begins to lose consciousness. Meanwhile, Kat thinks Hayley doesn’t want to be found but Jean and Mo are seriously worried. Keanu then bursts in and reveals he had a voicemail from Hayley saying she’s in trouble. Kat and Keanu set out to search for Hayley. They spot the abandoned cab and hear a baby crying. They soon find an unconscious Hayley and call for an ambulance. Is Hayley’s life in danger?

Keegan is having doubts about his revenge plan after finding out that he followed the wrong person. When the real vandal goads him, however, he sets out to settle things once and for all. Carmel talks to Denise in the Vic and confesses that she’s concerned about Keegan’s state of mind. When the Taylors arrive in the pub without him, she panics that something is seriously wrong and heads out to find him. Meanwhile, Keegan finds his target and they’re soon caught up in a dangerous scuffle…

Billy tells the kids a ghost story.

Billy Mitchell tells the kids a ghost story. (Picture: BBC)

Billy tries to get rid of his tooth pain with booze and painkillers. But when he plays apple bobbing with the kids he ends up fainting – just as Adam and Honey return!

Also, Martin’s night at the E20 ends badly.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Friday.