EastEnders Spoilers: A shocked Kat Moon spots a familiar face!

Kat has words with Hayley when she makes a surprise return to the Square, Big Mo makes a prediction, and Rainie’s suspicious of Robbie.

Stacey is concerned when she discovers that Hayley is back in the Square, planning on selling some of her own belongings on a stall in the market. Thinking that Hayley has only come back to set her sights on Martin, Stacey shares her fears with Kat, who tells Hayley to sling her hook!

The fact that Hayley’s determined to set up a stall without a license or pitch soon winds up the market traders. Martin feels obliged to step in and defend her. A jealous Stacey tells Hayley that she’s not welcome in the Square. Hayley insists she has no intention of going after Martin, as she’s got herself a new bloke. But is she telling the truth?

The Carters book a night at The Vic with ‘Suzie the Psychic’ but they’re not best pleased when they find out that ‘Suzie’ is Big Mo! Despite Mick and Linda’s concerns that she’s only out to pull a con, Mo manages to convince them to give her a chance. Unsurprisingly, the night doesn’t go to plan and the punters are soon getting angry. But when Mo appears to ‘predict’ Patrick’s surprise return they are won over!

Phil is determined to get some dirt on Max and pushes Robbie to do some snooping at the car lot. Rainie sees Robbie talking to Phil and is immediately on the alert, demanding he return the keys.

Also, Carmel gets a call from Shakil’s teacher, Sonia considers her feelings for Martin.