EastEnders spoilers: Keanu Taylor is back home!

Keanu returns home to see an unwelcome face, Bernadette has concerns for Tiffany, and Denise and Kim are determined to win round Patrick and his money

Karen is over-the-moon when Keanu returns home safely. But the stress of worrying about his safety comes tumbling out and she has a go at him for not getting in touch. After a warm welcome from the rest of the family, Keanu is angered to get a text from Sharon asking him to meet up with her. To keep Sharon at arm’s length, he spins her a lie and sends Phil to see her instead.

EastEnders Danny Walters Phil Mitchell and Keanu Taylor

Danny thanks Keanu for his work in Spain

At the Arches, Phil is confronted by one of his money-laundering associates, Danny. There’s a tense stand off when Danny insists that Phil continues to launder money to make up for the cash that they lost in Spain. Sharon heads to the Arches in a bid to see Keanu and she interrupts the conversation. When Sharon’s left alone with Keanu she tells him that she’s not leaving until he gives her some answers. Meanwhile, Phil can’t see a way round paying Danny his money and he takes Keanu up on his offer to work together…

Tiffany is desperate to help out Evie and she sneaks into Ted’s flat in a bid to find some hidden cash. When Bernadette realises Tiffany is upstairs she confronts her and takes her outside. After seeing the guy that attacked Evie, Tiffany is left shaken. A worried Bernadette demands to know what’s going on and Tiff makes a confession. Ignoring Bernie’s pleas for her to get some help, Tiff leaves to find Evie. Filled with fears for her friend, Bernadette tells Karen everything.

Denise and Kim are desperate to impress Patrick with their plans for a salon. When Patrick expresses more of an interest in Mitch’s pitch, however, they are outraged! Patrick does his best to calm down the situation. The rivals are stunned when Patrick says he’s rented a salon for the day so they can do pop up salons to prove who is the best!

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