EastEnders spoilers: Keanu Taylor is about to discover a shock secret!

Karen Taylor debates whether to tell Keanu a secret, Rainie is put out by Max’s actions, Mel’s lunch date with Jack is a disaster and Ted makes a discovery.

Keanu Taylor is sporting a black eye after his run in with the gang. When Karen confronts him about it, he refuses to tell her how he got it. Then he punches the wall in frustration and storms off. A concerned Keegan tries to talk to Keanu but makes a slip up when he hints at what really happened to Keanu’s dad… A shocked Keanu confronts Karen, who realises that it’s time to tell Keanu the truth. But when she sees Keanu being wound up by the gang, will she change her mind? When Hayley teases Keanu about his bad mood, he snaps. Hayley is furious and Keanu feels disgusted with himself.

Rainie revels in winding Max up

Rainie is confident that Max is into her and she gets flirty to attract his attention. She is left gutted, however, when she finds out that he’s joined a no-strings-attached dating site! Furious, Rainie takes it out on Max by winding him up. Then she decides to message one of the women on the site on Max’s behalf… What is she up to?

Mel prepares a romantic lunch date with Jack but she’s disappointed when he brings along Amy. When Jack leaves Mel alone with Amy, she’s taken aback as Amy wants to know where things are going between Mel and her dad! Feeling rattled by Amy’s questions, Mel calls a halt to the lunch.

Bernie finds Ted hiding at home

Also, Bernadette is worried about Ted’s state of mind and shares her concerns with Patrick. The pair agree to come up with a plan to cheer up Ted. When Patrick insists that Ted join him at the allotments, Ted is reluctant. While helping dig the beds, Ted is shocked to find a buried bottle with a note from Joyce inside.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday