EastEnders spoilers: Keanu Taylor knows who’s been blackmailing him and Sharon!

Keanu Taylor tells Sharon that they've got a big big problem, Hayley's terrified she's having her baby, and Dot rethinks her attitude to Dr Legg.

Keanu Taylor is pretty sure he knows who has been trying to blackmail him over his affair with Sharon. He decides the best way to know for real is to set them up, hoping they’ll take the bait. Keanu is fuming when his suspicions are confirmed. He heads straight round to tell Sharon about the blackmail. Will she sort things out?

Kat and Stacey talk about Hayley

Kat Moon and Stacey Fowler talk about Hayley Slater.

Hayley is feeling quite optimistic about being a mum after spending time with baby Harley. But when she overhears a conversation about her between Kat and Stacey, she starts to feel anxious again. Jean tries to reassure Hayley but they are soon in a panic when Hayley has contractions. After getting Hayley to the hospital, Stacey tells Kat she needs to be less harsh. Later, Hayley returns home from the hospital and reveals the news that it was a false alarm. But Jean has done something that could have far reaching consequences…

Dot talks to Max

Dot Branning has a heart-to-heart with Max Branning.

Dot is angry with Dr Legg for deciding not to have treatment for his condition. She ignores his calls but after a heart-to-heart with Max, she realises she’s being unfair. Dot visits Dr Legg and agrees to help him make the most of the time he has left.

Also, Carmel plans to reveal her idea to honour Shakil’s memory but she realises she’s got her dates mixed up.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday.