EastEnders spoilers: Keanu Taylor in danger shock!

In the first of two episodes tonight, Keanu Taylor takes a risk on a job for Phil Mitchell...

Keanu Taylor prepares to move into the Mitchell’s with pregnant girlfriend Louise Mitchell in EastEnders. A vengeful Ben Mitchell is determined to put a spanner in the works, however. After Ben’s meddling Keanu feels pressured to earn more cash to support Louise and the baby. Turning to Louise’s dad Phil Mitchell for more work Keanu is left in a horrifying situation when a job Phil sends him on ends in disaster…

EastEnders Jean Slater Kush Kazemi Stacey Fowler Kat Moon

Jean tries to stop Stacey and Kush going to court over their son Arthur.

Stacey Fowler is furious when a solicitor’s letter turns up at the Slaters’ from her son Arthur Fowler’s dad Kush Kazemi. Stacey’s mum Jean Slater tries to calm Stacey down over the custody claim and suggests that Stacey and Kush talk things through.

When the conversation descends into a row, however, Jean starts to feel unwell. Worried that it’s too much for cancer sufferer Jean, Stacey tells Kush that enough is enough and she will be hiring her own solicitor.

Worried, Kush tells girlfriend Kat Moon that he’s not sure he can find the money to pay for counsel but Kat reassures him that it will be okay. What has she got up her sleeve?

EastEnders Whitney Dean Callum Highway and Kush Kazemi

Kush helps celebrate Whitney’s new stall

Whitney Dean is excited as she opens her new stall on the market. But she’s also got her upcoming wedding to fiancé Callum Highway on her mind… Whitney asks Callum if he’s going to invite his parents but Callum is touchy about her request.

Whitney talks to Callum’s brother Stuart Highway, who encourages Callum to at least think about inviting them. Realising that Stuart is talking sense, he decides to reach out to his dad.

Also, Bernadette Taylor obsesses over her internet date. Tiffany Butcher reaches out to Bobby Beale and offers some advice.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 later on Monday evening at 9.00 pm