EastEnders Spoilers: Keegan Baker is caught in a horror attack!

On the day of the Royal Wedding, Keegan makes a big mistake which leads to a confrontation with a gang and he and Shakil get stabbed.

It’s the day of the Royal Wedding and festivities are underway in the Square. Linda is excited and determined to make the day perfect. Meanwhile, Keegan is in a rush to get home. When he spots an unattended bike he makes the snap decision to steal it and ride it home. When he gets back, Karen is furious that he’s late. In the commotion the TV gets knocked over. Determined to see the Royal Wedding, Karen drags him to The Vic.

Shakil is shocked when Keegan shows him the stolen bike… He warns him that it belonged to a gang, who have put his picture on social media. Keegan digs his heels in and refuses to give it back but Shakil is seriously worried that he will face retribution. Taking matters into his own hands, Shakil takes the keys for the padlock so he can return it himself.

The gang turn up at The Vic looking for Keegan, and he’s forced to hide in the toilets. After Mick gets rid of the gang from the pub, Keegan is horrified to realise that Shakil is returning the bike. He rushes outside to find Shakil, spotting one of the gang members looking shifty in the alley next to The Vic. Before he has a chance to confront the thug, he is stabbed, and he sees Shakil has been stabbed too…