EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter tries to get to Stuart through Zara

Linda makes a desperate plea to Stuart's daughter Zara, Sharon gets a fit of the green-eyed monster, and Carmel attempts to get through to a grieving Bex.

Linda is determined to get Mick out of prison and she asks Halfway to help her have a word with Zara. After convincing Zara to talk things through with her, Linda tries to persuade her that her dad is lying. But despite Linda’s efforts, Zara visits Mick and tells him to tell the truth about Stuart’s shooting for the sake of Ollie. It’s clear she’s determined to stand by her dad.

Tensions build for Mick Carter

Mick cuts a lonely figure inside

Meanwhile, Mick is still in danger in prison as Fraser’s threat hangs over him. Can he stop things taking a dark turn or will he feel the full force of Fraser’s power and influence?

Sharon realises that Keanu and Hayley are pretty close and she is jealous seeing them together. In a fit of anger, she takes the keys for Phil’s car back from Keanu. Can he convince her that she’s all he wants?

Bex talks to Carmel

Bex and Carmel have a big chat

Sonia makes a grand gesture to apologise to Bex for interfering. Bex feels better about things and she agrees to be honest with her head of sixth form. Carmel takes Bex aside for a heart-to-heart. But will it convince her to follow her university dream?

Also, Hunter is suspicious that Ray is keeping something from him and when he does some digging he makes a surprising discovery…

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday