EastEnders spoilers: Can Lola Pearce resist Jay Mitchell?

Ben is concerned about how close Lola is getting to Jay, Mel turns to Jack when she's targeted by a vandal, and Martin is determined to help out Bex.

Ben is trying to keep Lola in line as he forges ahead with his plans. With Lola still at odds with him, however, he struggles to get her back on side. When he reminds her she needs money for her own new life, she is thoughtful. After arranging a brunch with the family, Ben is thrilled when Phil tells him he they can get things on track.

But when Jay and Keanu turn up, Ben hides his frustration as Phil announces that Keanu will be working with them. Ben is still concerned that Lola and Jay are getting too close and he interrupts them together. Lola insists there’s nothing going on between the pair but she and Jay later sneak off to the Vic. Jay asks Lola if she wants to get back together with him. Just as Lola is about to reply, Ben bursts in with a bombshell…

Mel is horrified when she discovers that someone has thrown brick through her window. She calls Jack to sort out having it repaired. When Jack turns up he realises how fragile Mel is and he’s concerned for her safety. Jack encourages Mel to head to his house so she’s not left in on her own. Rainie is suspicious of Mel and while Jack’s out picking up the kids she questions her. When Jack can’t get the window fixed he insists on staying at Mel’s in case the thug returns.

EastEnders Martin Fowler in the chippy

Martin is working in the chippy

Bex confesses to Martin that she’s not keen to go to university. But Martin is determined that she has the best chance of a future and he takes some shifts at the chippy to raise money to pay her fees. Bex is horrified.

Also, Mitch heads over to Dinah’s with Bailey, Keegan and Chantelle but they are alarmed by what they find. Stacey considers calling Sean as a way to get Jean to return home.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 19.30.