EastEnders spoilers: Louise Mitchell has shock baby news for Keanu!

Keanu is stunned when Louise reveals she's pregnant, Ben pressures Jay to go into business with him, and Sonia confronts Bex about Stuart.

Keanu isn’t keen when Phil wants him to do another driving job, worried that it’s as dangerous as the last one. Phil, however, insists that Keanu does as he’s told. Meanwhile, Bex finds out that Louise is pregnant and, shocked, she encourages her to tell the father.

Louise arranges to speak to Keanu alone and she tells him her big news. Stunned, Keanu struggles to speak and a terrified Louise runs off. Keanu turns to Karen for advice after discovering he’s going to be a dad. Karen gives him a reality check and encourages Keanu to be there for Louise. When he attempts to call Louise, however, Louise ignores the call, as Sharon is close by. Fretting about how Keanu feels about her pregnancy, Louise decides to face him. But when she goes to find him she makes an upsetting discovery…

Ben pressures Jay to make moves to get the ownership of the car lot from Max. Jay is stressed that Ben won’t get off his back and he confides in Ruby, who gives him some sound advice. When Ben suggests to Jay that they go into business together, however, Jay is left conflicted. Ruby books a financial advisor to see Jay and when she hears about Ben’s ‘business partners’ idea she warns Jay not to trust him.

EastEnders Sonia Fowler and Bex Fowler

Sonia talks to Bex about Stuart

Stuart is angry with Rainie for suggesting he’s been inappropriate with Bex and he tells her off for her lies. Sonia is concerned about what may have been going on and she tries to talk to Bex but gets nowhere.

EastEnders Max Branning and Jack Branning

Jack has a word with Max

Also, Jack gives Max a reality check about Rainie. Karen gets a worrying call from Dinah. Kush invites Kat to the flat.

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