EastEnders spoilers: Louise Mitchell is in grave danger!

Louise is approached by the sinister Midge when Keanu takes his eye off her, Stacey feels guilty about Sean, and it's the grand salon opening.

Sharon heads out with Louise, leaving Dennis to help prepare the family lunch. Phil’s suspicious about what they are up to, while Midge watches them from the shadows… Later, Sharon is uncomfortable when Keanu turns up in the middle of the lunch, asking Phil for his wages. Phil insists that Keanu spend time with Louise. When she tries to seduce Keanu he rejects her. She storms off and reveals her boyfriend woes to an already stressed Bex, who tells Louise she doesn’t want to know. Left on her own, she is approached by Midge, who flirts with her. When Phil texts Keanu demanding to know where Louise is, a panicky Keanu rushes off to find her. When he sees her with Midge he is terrified… Is he too late to save her?

Jean helps Stacey with an Easter egg hunt for the kids. When Jean mentions Sean, Stacey feels full of guilt. Things get even worse for Stacey when Kat has a go, telling Stacey she never should have called Sean.

Also, Bex goes on a bender after being disappointed with her practice test results. Rainie’s less than impressed with Kim’s treatments at the launch of the new salon. Mel attempts to make Jack jealous by flirting with Gray!

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday at 8.00 pm

** This episode of EastEnders is on at the later time of 8.30 pm**