EastEnders spoilers: Max Branning kidnaps baby Abi!

Max is pushed to desperate measures to keep baby Abi, Kat discovers that Bev has come up with an outrageous plan, and Tiffany makes a new friend.

Rainie and Cora continue their blazing row in the Vic. Max Branning is forced to intervene to calm Rainie down. Max has a heart-to-heart with Stacey who gives him some advice and he later heads to Ian’s house to check on baby Abi.

When he arrives at the house he finds Rainie trying to apologise to Cora and insisting that they have the baby’s best interests at heart. Cora refuses to accept Rainie’s apology and lashes out, leaving Rainie injured! In the middle of the chaos, Ian walks in and is horrified.

Max takes the opportunity to make a quick exit with baby Abi. After asking Stacey for help, Max gets Abi’s things together. He’s devastated when the police arrive and take baby Abi from him…

Kat is furious with Bev

Kat Moon is furious with Bev Slater

Hayley calls Jean but she doesn’t realise that Bev is listening to her and Kat’s listening to Jean. Bev finds Jean at the tube station and warns her to stay well away from Hayley. When Kat turns up to see Hayley she’s surprised, as Kat demands to know what’s going on. Hayley confesses that Bev is suggesting that she give up her baby.

When Bev turns up, Kat lets loose, saying she knows that she’s behind the idea. An upset Hayley leaves and when Bev’s left alone with Kat she offers Kat a cut of the money if she gets on board. What terrible thing is Bev planning?

Tiffany is in McKlunkey’s and she’s impressed by the swagger of a girl called Evie. The pair end up bonding over lunch. Has Tiff made a new friend?

Dot receives a letter from Dr Legg

Dot Branning receives a letter from Doctor Legg.

Also, Dot receives a letter from Dr Legg which concerns her and makes her fear the worst.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday.