EastEnders spoilers: Will Mel Owen be caught red handed?

Mel desperately tries to stop Max finding out what she's up to, Mitch opens up to Mick, and Tiffany confronts Brooke about breaking up with Bernadette.

Mel is desperate to cover up the fact that she’s been snooping on Jack’s laptop before Max is on to her. But when an oblivious Max suggests they have a night cap, she is trapped and can’t shut down the file she was looking at. Things get even worse when Jack and Denise get back from their date and want to join in with the drinking. Will Mel’s scheming be found out?

EastEnders Mick Carter and Mitch Baker

Mick listens to Mitch

Linda prepares for her romantic evening with Mick but he’s downstairs talking to  a drunk and upset Mitch. With Mitch opening up to him about everything that’s happened recently, Mick doesn’t feel like he can leave him. Mick takes a drunk and upset Mitch up to the Vic flat. He and a sympathetic Linda help him to sober up. Mitch is touched when the Carters suggest that he stay over for the night.

Tiffany feels bad for Bernadette, who has confessed that Brooke broke up with her. Wanting to make things right, Tiffany arranges to meet Brooke in McKlunkey’s. Tiff demands to know why Brooke dropped her friend. But will she be surprised by what she finds out?

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