EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen makes a SHOCK discovery!

Mel Owen is pushed out in the cold, Rainie Branning is concerned about Bobby Beale, and Keegan Baker comes up with a business idea.

Mel Owen is in a tricky position in EastEnders after Phil Mitchell cut off her access to the club’s accounts. With no money to pay for son Hunter Owen’s funeral, she goes to undertaker Jay Mitchell with a request.

Mel explains to Jay that she needs to scale back the funeral to manage the costs. Unbeknownst to Mel, Phil has told son Jay that he’s to have nothing to do with Hunter’s funeral, seeing as a gun toting Hunter was the person who shot Phil’s son Ben Mitchell. When an awkward Jay tells Mel that he can’t arrange the funeral, she is horrified. What will she do?

EastEnders Ian and Kathy argue in Eastenders

Ian argues with Kathy about Bobby.

Bobby Beale wakes up in a park after spending the night there. When he heads back to the Square, he’s spotted by ex-soldier Callum Highway who is concerned by his behaviour. After Callum tries to check on Bobby to see if he’s okay, Bobby runs off.

As he bumps into Rainie Branning his anxiety is heightened when she insists on getting into a slanging match. A regretful Rainie tries to reassure Bobby, not knowing that he can still hear his dead sister Lucy Beale’s voice… Meanwhile, Bobby’s dad and gran Ian and Kathy Beale argue about how to help him settle back into Walford.

Keegan Baker has a useful chat with Tiffany Butcher that inspires him about his future. He offers to help at Walford East restaurant, hoping he can advance his own business idea on the side. Waitresses Iqra and Habiba Ahmed soon catch him in the act however!

EastEnders Callum gets a text

Callum is surprised when he gets a text

Also, Linda Carter tries to make friends with the mums at son Ollie Carter’s school. Callum Highway is bricking it when Ben Mitchell asks him out for a drink!

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7.30 pm