EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen is being followed! Is she in danger?

A jumpy Mel and Maddie are being trailed by a mysterious person, Stacey worries that something's up with Jean, and Evie plays games with Tiff and Bernie.

Mel is horrified when Maddie turns up at her house wanting some answers about Ray. When she tells Mel that she’s going to have it out with Ray as she’s had enough of the lies, a panicky Mel warns her that Ray is dangerous!

Suitably rattled, Maddie agrees to meet up with Mel somewhere else to talk things through but someone is watching… When Mel later meets up with Maddie she makes another attempt at begging Maddie not to let on to Ray that they know the truth. But the mystery stranger who has been following them suddenly makes an entrance. Are they in danger and who could it be?

Jean is still on at Alfie to tell Kat the truth about Hayley and the baby but Alfie stalls for time. Meanwhile, Stacey realises that something is up with Jean and is worried about her odd behaviour. Will Alfie be pushed into revealing all about the baby secret?

EastEnders Evie is impressed by Tiffany

Evie is impressed by Tiffany.

Bernadette is still furious with Tiffany for trying to give Keegan drugs. Tiffany does her best to make things up to Bernadette but will she forgive her? In the meantime, Tiffany manages to impress Evie. She invites Tiff to the Vic and insists she brings Bernadette too. What is Evie up to?

Karen sings for Morag

Morag is not impressed with Karen Taylor’s attempt at singing.

Also, Karen finds out that the choir has signed up for a competition with a cash prize and heads straight down to choir practice to audition! Meanwhile, Ian opens up to Jean about losing his daughter.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday.