EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen and Hunter learn terrifying news!

Mel and Hunter have a shock in store, Jean has a worrying visit to the doctor, Karen lands Mitch in it with Denise and Tiffany is put to the test.

Hunter decides to flash the cash after finding Ray’s hidden stash of money in the house. In a bid to show off to Louise, he offers to take her out shopping.

Meanwhile, Mel discovers from Billy that the police want to talk to her. In a panic, she rushes off to find Hunter. Finding Hunter with Louise, Mel urges Hunter to come home immediately. But he’s not about to do exactly as Mel says… As a dig at his mum, he invites Louise back for dinner. Mel realises there’s nothing she can do and resigns herself to having Louise back at the house.

Things take a turn for the worse, however, when they hear a terrifying news item on the radio… A body has been found in the woods! After Louise leaves, Mel gives Hunter a reality check about how serious a situation they are in.

EastEnders Jean Slater and Dr Elinor Walters

Jean has a worrying consultation with the doctor

As the Slaters prepare for Hayley’s return to the Square, Jean is on edge. An appointment at the doctor has left her scared after she explains her symptoms and is told that she needs further tests. Back home, Stacey questions Jean about how she’s feeling but a terrified Jean hides her news from her daughter. Ian tries to apologise to Jean for his recent behaviour but she puts him in his place.

Karen feels like Mitch is taking advantage when he leaves her to look after Bailey. But things are about to get even more fraught between the pair when Karen lets slip to Patrick and Denise that Mitch stole the money for Ted. Denise is fuming and she confronts Mitch, telling him he can help with a few jobs around the house to show he’s sorry.

Also, Tiffany is put in a difficult position when Evie insists she take on more jobs for her. Masood invites Kathy to come to Australia with him for Tamwar and Nancy’s wedding.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday.