EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen goes into meltdown!

Mel shocks Billy when she gets violent with Maddie, Ruby assumes the worst about Jay, Jean has a disastrous date with a distracted Ian.

Mel is in a terrible state over the events of New Year’s Day. In a bid to end her anguish, she decides to tell the police about Ray. After writing down everything that happened so she can go through it clearly, Mel reassures a horrified Hunter that everything will be okay.

Hunter goes missing, leaving Mel feeling frantic. But things get even worse when Maddie storms into the club office and tells Mel she needs cash. Already on the edge, Mel snaps and violently grabs a terrified Maddie. Billy is stunned to witness the scene. When a worried Billy tries to help out, Mel realises that she can’t bring herself to confess to the police. Later, a relieved Mel finds Hunter safe at home but she’s stunned when he reveals where he’s been…

EastEnders Ruby Allen and Jay Mitchell

Ruby confronts Jay

Ruby wakes up after her night with Jay to find the bed empty. Mortified, she assumes that he was only into a one-night-stand and has done a runner on her.

Jay, however, is oblivious and gushes to Keanu about how amazing Ruby is. When Ruby ruefully tells Stacey about Jay leaving without waking her, Stacey reassures her that Jay’s a nice guy and wouldn’t treat her badly.

Still assuming the worst, Ruby angrily confronts Jay at work. But when she returns home she discovers that Jay had, in fact, left her a sweet note on the fridge telling her that he needed to go early. Feeling bad about having a go at Jay, Ruby resolves to apologise. Will Jay accept her apology or has Ruby blown things?

EastEnders Jean Slater Ian Beale

Jean and Ian are on a date

Jean is nervous about asking Ian out on a date but Kat encourages her to go for it. After meeting Ian for lunch, an excited Jean does her best to flirt but Ian’s mind is obviously elsewhere. Ian accidentally ends up offending Jean. What is eating him?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday.